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To Chill, or Not to Chill

I’m Ron and retired. I decided to live in Surprise, AZ after choosing to look at Sun City Grand. Moving to Surprise has changed my perception of the aging process, there are so many thing to do especially for seniors. I live here with my wife, and we find it extremely peaceful, with easy access to the freeway! It’s a great place to live.

My wife and I are doing many things in Surprise, AZ that were not available in our previous hometown. Surprise is similar to high school in that we get to meet new friends and participate in group activities.

My wife and I have not joined any clubs yet, but we play a lot more golf since moving here. There’s nothing extraordinary about me; I try to enjoy each day I’m blessed with. The senior life style in Surprise, AZ is alive and well. Life at any age is what you choose to do. Age is only a number. The only thing I miss about being young is my health; it’s always changing with age. Now I have a lot more time though, and my schedule is my own. I have the option of chillin’ all day or not.

Our family is happy that we’ve retired. They love the AZ weather and like to visit us and just hang out. We miss them but they visit as often as possible. My wife and I are extremely happy with our children, family and friends. We are blessed to have a comfortable life style here in AZ. The Sunset Daze experience has given me the opportunity to share my story of being born into a racist environment, moving to another state at age 11, and being allowed to see and experience a better way of life. Sunset Daze has been a welcome extra added attraction to my life. What a blast…

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