About Ann

AGE: 61
HOMETOWN: Collinstown, Ireland

Ann was born and raised in Ireland. She believes in firmly following her heart, which includes fullfilling a lifelong dream of skydiving at the age of 61… hard to believe considering she was a nun for over 2 decades!

After 21 years of service to the church this Irish lass realized that she was “trying to be someone I was not,” and decided it was time to hang up her habit and live a secular life. Soon after, Ann met her now husband John, fell in love and got married at 46.

Being an ex nun, Ann is no stranger to devotion but now says her greatest pride in life is John. And this sentiment is obvioulsy returned when Ann recalls John saying, "the best thing about retirement is going to be having more time to hug you in the morning." And if that is not romantic enough, when John found out a few years ago that his sight was failing Ann told him, "I will see for both of us!"

Determined to stay positive Ann has planned many local adventures to make the most of their time. She believes the only thing that really holds a person back is fear and this Irish gal is as fearless as they come!

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