About Linda

AGE: 64

Moving from Chicago in January 2010, Linda is the freshman new-comer to the Sun City communities. And like any "kid on the first day of school," she’s approaching her new life with wide eyes and some jitters.

Indeed her life in Illinois seems a world away. She was born and raised in Moline, Illinois, about 150 miles from Chicago. Tall, blond and beautiful, it was only natural that Linda found her way into modeling after high school. Realizing that her aspirations were greater than what Moline could offer, she picked up stakes and headed to the Windy City. Working as a fashion and hair model, she eventually found her way into tradeshows as a spokes model, a move that would spark her long-term career in events and promotion.

Understandably, for Linda, the thought of retirement was a little daunting. Leaving her family and the Midwest behind was tough, but Linda is excited about "starting over." While job searching, she has moved in (temporarily) with her "friend" Bruce in Sun City Grand and has developed a new motto "Life CAN start at 65… becoming alive to the possibilities!"

Her "to-do" list is extensive and includes finding a part-time job (preferably something where she can help others) and getting back in shape (through yoga, Pilates, dance and any other activity that piques her interest!). She’d also love to learn a new language ("maybe Italian") and get a new tattoo!

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