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Coko Dishes On Getting Paid

Cute beginning to the reintroduction of SWV! Now I’m big on loyalty and Cory does happen to be my friend.  But he was the only one to step in and help when others left and no longer wanted to be bothered. So yeah, I’m loyal to those that look out for me.  Also my gospel career earned me a Stellar, Dove and Grammy nod “as easy as it was.” CHURCH!!!

Now I continue to do SWV not because my money is funny but because those are my girls and I love them. We have made history and I believe we will continue to do so!  BUT, did I want more money back in the day? Sure did! Why? I was singing the majority of everything…my parts and some of everybody else’s part. So it was a lot on me and it seemed no one cared as long as it got done.

On a better note, Wembley was AMAZING!!! The crowd was AMAZING!!! What I didn’t appreciate was Cory sharing my business with the girls. That should’ve come from me when I was ready to share. This is my second cancer scare and I’m just ready to be done and over with it. I’m believing and trusting God for total healing again!  SWV has a lot of issues, trust being #1!  Hopefully we can work through it, learn to trust and unite as sisters!