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SWV Is Back B*tches!

“So hide your husbands, hide your sons.”

The season two finale left us wondering whether or not we would even see another season! In a quick recap of what went down, Coko made it clear several times that she cannot trust Taj, Lelee dealt with some hard truths in regards to her daughter Margaret, the group just couldn’t seem to get it together with their new material, Taj’s entire career may be in jeopardy, and Cory blasted the group by calling them “unmanageable”. Say what!?

WE clearly need some answers in season three:

  • Will Coko ever be able to trust Taj?

  • Is Taj’s career over or will she start following her doctor’s orders?

  • How solid is her commitment to SWV?

  • What’s next for Lelee and her family?

  • Will the girls learn their new material in time to kill it during their next performance?

  • Can SWV get it together, stop fighting and finally create a grammy winning record?

  • Will Cory continue to manage the “unmanageable” or is he going to find himself on the unemployment line?

After that drama filled second season, we can only imagine what SWV has in store for us. See what the future holds for the girls during the premier of SWV Reunited, Wednesday, Jan 7 at 10/9c!