Sneak Peek

Singing With Stitches

Season 1, Episode 2
Aired 1.23.14

SWV is in New York for an important gig, but Lelee and Coko’s recent plastic surgeries threaten the performance, infuriating Taj. Show Full Recap

With secret surgeries, clandestine meetings and behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing, the ladies express their past and present issues with trust among the group. During rehearsal, Coko gets the much-awaited phone call from her doctor about a lump she has found in her breast. When it is revealed the mass is benign, Lelee and Taj breathe a sigh of relief. With the health scare behind them, the group is excited and optimistic about the comeback of SWV. Just before the national tour—stopping first in New York City—Coko treats herself to a tummy tuck and liposuction. Worrying about gaining weight and refusing to grow older naturally, Lelee makes the decision to undergo Brazilian butt lift surgery and the two make a pact to not tell Taj or Cory about either procedure until after the fact. Even though the first show is less than two weeks away and knowing she won’t be able to sit down for at least two weeks, Lelee decides to go through with her surgery.  As Coko and Lelee painfully walk into rehearsal post surgery, Taj is very upset when she learns of the ladies’ decision to undergo surgery so close to the New York tour debut explaining, “If we come back to New York City with Coko and Lelee looking like they just came out of a nursing home, we’re going to get booed out of the city.” With one who can’t sit down and one who can’t stand up, they cut rehearsal with only five days left before the show not knowing if they will be ready. Once in New York, Taj and Lelee convince Coko to take a meeting with top music manager Jeff Robinson and Coko worries she is being disloyal to Cory who has worked with her throughout her solo days. Knowing Jeff can take the group to the next level but hesitant about dumping the only manager who would stay with them during the low times, they all compromise to keep Cory on as road manager.  Another issue surfaces as the ladies discuss their outstanding contract with current record label Mass Appeal believing CEO Marcus Siskind was responsible for the flop of SWV’s last album. The ladies explain to Marcus they want a different label but he announces the contract between SWV and Mass Appeal is binding leaving the group with no choice but to produce a Mass Appeal album. If they can’t get out of their contract, the ladies believe Jeff will refuse to work with them and concern sets in. All fears are subsided when the group’s lawyer reassures them they can get out of their contract.  The night of the show brings a mix of emotions with New York’s live music venue and restaurant SOB hosting the group’s longtime fans. Coko is still in pain from her surgery expressing concern the signature song “Weak” will fall flat. Even though she must sit in a chair and use a cane throughout the performance, Taj and Lelee are shocked as Coko nails the song hitting notes so strongly the two wonder if her guts will fall out on stage. The New York show is a huge success.  However, the happiness is short lived as the group sits down with Cory afterward to break the news that they are hiring a new manager but tell him they want to keep him on as road manager. Visibly upset, he storms out and refuses to take the demotion. Without a road manager, the group is now uneasy about how they will get through the national tour. 

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