Sneak Peek

So High or Solo

Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 1.30.14

Taj and Lelee are upset when Coko meets with a gospel producer. The girls try to leave their label and work with a music therapist to heal old wounds. Show Full Recap

With the group still in New York, new manager Jeff Robinson is staying true to his word of taking things up a notch by booking an interview with Ebony Magazine, a live performance, and a meeting with Sony Records. All signs are pointing to SWV taking off. Excitement grows over the interview with Ebony and the ladies describe the bittersweet journey from the ‘90s heyday to the present. Coko opens up about the difficulties she is having with her oldest son who has not spoken with her in months. “It’s hard to birth somebody who hates you. I don’t even know where he is.” As the godmother, Taj is visibly upset as she learns of the estrangement for the very first time. The interview also reveals how cracks in the group formed with Lelee reminiscing of the strong friendship the ladies had before they became professionals. Citing a lack of communication and listening to the wrong people as the factor for the destruction of the group’s music and personal relationships, the ladies do agree they are good when united. A bone of contention arises as Coko’s solo career comes to light. Lelee and Taj believe Coko’s gospel career confuses the SWV audience and believe the group will eventually suffer if she kepps working on her own music. Continuing the heated discussion on the streets on New York, Coko storms away just before the meeting with Sony Records. Is Coko quitting the group again? Taj and Lelee show up at Sony Records without Coko and it is obvious that Jeff is aggravated that Coko is missing. She eventually joins the meeting and Sony discusses tactics the company can take to promote the group. Afterward, Coko heads to a studio appointment with a gospel producer but doesn’t tell Taj and Lelee for fear they might think she’s striking out on her own again. She justifies her disloyalty by saying, “I can do what I want because I’m Coko.” Working on the sister part Jeff realizes the ladies have underlying issues and wants the group to get beyond their past problems to start fresh. He stages a group session with a musician therapist and the ladies begin to open up about their contentions.   Lelee believes she is caught in the middle between Taj and Coko. Taj can’t understand where Coko’s bitterness comes from and Coko admits she has had a wall up toward Taj since 1992. When tears begin to flow, Coko admits she has never felt loved or wanted and puts up walls with everyone. Taj says she wanted nothing to do with the group and changed her life completely after the break up. A weeping Lelee announces after the breakup she faced homelessness and contemplating suicide. All three ladies eventually agree to continue the therapy and look forward to more sessions. After Cory’s outburst regarding his demotion, Coko smoothes his uneasiness and discusses his road manger position. He decides to meet with everyone, including Jeff, ultimately resulting in the decision for all to work as a team with Jeff at the helm.  A final New York performance that includes multiple hip hop and R&B artists has nerves running high since it will be the first time Jeff hears the group sing. All fears subside once the ladies hit the stage as SWV rocked the house. Farewell New York On the last day in the Big Apple, Taj’s husband throws her a surprise birthday party. Once getting her alone, he tells her his agent wants the family to move to New York for business. The shocking news has Taj worried about the future of SWV. With the group finally gaining momentum, she points out, “If I have to move my family from Nashville to New York, everything is going to come to a halt.”

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