Sneak Peek

Song Fighting

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 2.6.14

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SWV hits the road traveling tour bus style as they head to Atlanta for a number of events including a high-profile photo shoot, a writing session with a major songwriter, and an intimate show at Atlanta’s Taboo 2. The close-knit quarters of the tour bus allow the ladies—and Cory—a lot of quality time whether they like it or not. Taj and Coko are finally able to break down the struggles they’ve had over the past twenty years and share a number of past hardships. Taj discusses a former abusive relationship and Coko explains the current status of her 17-year-old son Jazz who left home and hasn’t been seen in a month. After arriving in Atlanta, Coko drops a bombshell on Taj. She’s has just read a trending a blog post about Taj’s husband, former NFL star Eddie George, that claims he is cheating with another woman. While scandals are not new to the celebrity couple—mostly because they live in the spotlight—Taj sets the record straight with what actually happened during the alleged incident. As much as she wants to dismiss the entire matter, the idea of gossip and rumors about her family get under her skin. Pool Party At the hotel, Lelee and Taj relax at the pool before a massage appointment. The comfortable setting gives Lelee the courage to play Devil’s Advocate and she asks how Taj really knows her husband isn’t a cheater. This sends Taj into orbit telling Lelee she must get her own man before she is allowed to pass judgment on anyone else. Lelee believes her outburst is a result of Taj being too sensitive about the subject of infidelity. After the massages, Cory laments Taj and Lelee for not working on their writing during their down time and the ladies feel as if they have to put him in his place. They remind Cory that he isn’t their manager anymore and needs to know his job. Cory mouths off by telling Taj she is the one who should be writing the most because she does the least amount of singing. Cory’s slam enrages both women who storm off but not before yelling a number of insults at him for hitting below the belt. While Lelee and Taj are taking a break at the pool and spa, Coko works in her hotel room. When her husband Mike calls to update her that their son hasn’t been found, he also explains that Jazz has an impending court appearance for vandalism. Coko says she will always be a mom first and is now torn between working out of town and being home to look for her son. She fears this latest dilemma will come between her and SWV. A photo shoot for Today’s Black Woman magazine brings Coko’s solo career into play once again with the ladies, as Coko worries wearing revealing and suggestive clothing could hurt her gospel image. Taj and Lelee convince Coko the SWV image must be maintained and she relents to their style. During the shoot, Taj continues to receive updates from the gossip blogger regarding her husband’s alleged affair and she is convinced by Lelee to take matters into her own hands. After a bit of detective work, Taj tracks down the writer’s contact information and leaves a nasty message shaming the writer about her postings. Opening Old Wounds In order to give the ladies more input in their music, a writing session is scheduled with songwriter and recording artist Sean Garrett. To get the creative juices flowing, he asks what the new SWV song should be about. Sex? Love? The group agrees to write about unfaithfulness and the feelings that go along with it. Now Taj feels as if she can’t get away from the subject.   Brainstorming during the writing session leads to a heated discussion between Lelee and Taj about cheating. The studio erupts in yelling as the women try to talk over each other, embarrassing Coko. Sean saves the day by suggesting the perspectives from all three singers go into the song and peace is restored. The final days in Atlanta have Taj and Lelee letting their hair down at a local strip club with Coko taking a pass. The following evening is show time and Taj’s husband calls to say he has landed in New York for a business trip. Little does she know, but Eddie is actually outside Taj’s hotel room and surprises her in order to calm her fears regarding the blog scandal. Hours before the show, Coko discovers her son’s court date has been scheduled for the following Wednesday, the same day as a much-publicized SWV appearance. The Taboo 2 show goes off without a hitch and even features Lelee’s son, an aspiring rapper, who gives a performance. After the show, Coko shocks the ladies with the news she can’t make the following performance and they are in disbelief. Once she explains her son is in trouble, the ladies understand but worry this new glitch will unravel the group’s momentum.  

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