Sneak Peek

SWV’s Comeback

Season 1, Episode 1
Aired 1.16.14

SWV’s comeback tour begins with a huge show at Wembley Stadium in London, but old issues with trust and secrets threaten the group. Show Full Recap

SWV is back and hitting the road again! Although Lelee, Coko and Taj spent years apart managing their own lives - getting married, having kids and dealing with their own careers - the girls have finally decided that the time for a major come back is now! The drama gets going from the very beginning when Coko reveals that she found a lump in her breast. After speaking to her husband about it, she decides not to tell the girls and to keep it a secret until she gets the results of her biopsy. The group meets up in Tennessee where they get in some practice for a huge show in London’s Wembley Arena in London, but it seems like no one can focus. Taj keeps looking for a wi-fi connection, Coko can’t get in sync and Lelee and Cory get into it when he questions her commitment to the comeback and she questions his ability to do his job. After rehearsal, Coko confides in Cory about her breast cancer scare and asks him not to tell Lelee and Taj. When he asks about the comeback, she makes it known that if she does have cancer, the book of SWV will be shut. Finally, the ladies and Cory land in London! They stop and greet some fans and then head over to BBC radio! After a quick question and answer session, the DJ asks SWV to sing for him – and the listeners – live on the air! Things seem to start out fine but then Taj can’t seem to hold it together and collapses in laughter. The trio tries again, but this time, Taj laughs even harder. After three times, Taj is still laughing and Coko and Lelee are looking annoyed. The time has finally come to perform at Wembley in front of a huge crowd! Pumped, the girls take the stage and sing their hearts out! Still riding the high from the show, Lelee, Taj and Cory are chatting and he reveals that Coko has a lump in her breast. The girls, shocked, confront Coko about why she didn’t tell them. While they have a minor scuffle, they tell Coko how much they support her and wait for the test results.

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