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7 Most Outrageous Moments on Tamar & Vince

We know Tamar and Vince love each other, but between her “smart mouth” and his “thing for blondes,” it seems like the drama never stops! Here are 7 of their most explosive arguments this season.

1. ‘You Are Always Talking Junk’
Tamar is impatient to get her music career started, and she’s constantly bugging her “husbandger” to move things along. When Tamar whines that she doesn’t know why her album is taking so long, Vince complains that she’s always “talking junk” when he’s not around. Finally, Vince threatens to quit as her manager — or fire Tamar!

2. ‘Whole Lot of Touching Going On’
Tamar says she’s happy that Vince is taking his health seriously, but when he heads to a yoga class with LaShawn, Tamar freaks out when she learns that the instructor is a blonde — and there’s a “whole lot of touching going on!”

3. ‘My Wife Has a Smart Mouth’
Even on their romantic trip to Hawaii, Tamar gets in trouble with Vince, who finds her “disrespectful.” When Vince overhears her complaining that he’s jealous that she can drink and he can’t due to his health issues, he accuses his wife of having a “smart mouth.”

4. ‘Keep Your Drawers On’
Tamar’s jealousy knows no bounds. Even when Vince goes to the doctor for an ultrasound, she suspects the female doc wants Vince to take his underwear off! “She wanted to take it bareback,” Tamar insists.

5. ‘Vince Always Has to Find a Blonde Chick’
Even a harmless game of volleyball gets Tamar’s blood boiling when she catches Vince “hugging on” a blonde player. “Vince always has to find a blonde chick,” she protests. The good news? Tamar is also a blonde.

6. ‘Cool Don’t Mean Hot’
Tamar gets upset when Vince is “nonchalant” about her new song. When he says it’s “cool,” she takes that as an insult. “Cool don’t mean hot,” she argues. Vince can’t win!

7. ‘All About Me’
Tamar is sick of Vince not paying enough attention to her. “I need some me time,” she tells him, “as in you all about me.” She also wants him to put her career on the fast track — otherwise, she complains, “What’s the point of being married to Vince Herbert?”