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Installing The Ringtone

Love the theme song for Tamar & Vince? Want to download it and set it as your personal ringtone? Here’s how:

For iPhone Users (Download Ringtone):
1. Download the iPhone version of the ringtone to your computer.
2. Open the ringtone in your iTunes library on your computer.
3. Move the ringtone to your iPhone by connecting the phone to your computer and dragging the ringtone to the iPhone “Devices” icon from the Ringtones library.
4. Set the song as your ringtone from the “Custom” list in the “Ringtone” option when you open the Settings application on your iPhone and tap “Sounds.”

For Android Users (Download Ringtone):
1. Download the Android version of the ringtone to your computer.
1. Connect the phone to your computer with your Android USB cable.
2. Press the “Menu” button on the phone to pull up the Notifications screen.
3. Press “Ongoing,” “USB Connected,” “Select to Copy Files to/from Your Computer.” Then, press “Mount.” Wait a few moments for the Autoplay window to appear on your computer screen. Click “Open Folder to View Files.” If the Autoplay window does not appear, click on the Window’s “Start” button, then click “Computer.” Double-click “Removable Disk.” You see a window that contains the files and folders on your Droid.
4. Right-click on an open area of the window and select “New Folder” from the menu. Type “Ringtones,” (or whatever you would like to name the new folder) then press “Enter.”
5. Drag the MP3 file you want to use as a ringtone from its location on your computer into the newly created Ringtones folder on your Droid. When Windows finishes copying the song, disconnect your Droid from your computer.
6. Back on your phone, from the Home screen, touch “Applications.”
7. Hit “Settings”, and then “Sound.”
8. Scroll down to “Incoming Calls”, and then hit “Phone Ringtone.”
9. Find the ringtone you want to use and hit “Apply.”

It’s that easy!

Want the lyrics? Get them here!