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Queen of Shade, Tamar Braxton’s Top 9 One-Liners

Anyone who knows Tamar, knows that she does NOT hold back when it comes to speaking her mind! Her no-holds-barred approach and hilarious one-liners are a huge part of what keeps us coming back for more, so WE took a look at past seasons of Tamar & Vince and compiled a list of our favorite lines. In her own words, “get your life!” and check them out below.

9) One of Tamar’s most famous lines is “You tried it!” But, sometimes she just doesn’t have time for that and she’s not afraid to say, “Try me not!”


8) Tamar has always been young at heart, but that doesn’t mean her body feels the same.

“Dancing with the Stars is kicking my entire ass, and I mean, I most identify myself a 25-year-old, but my body most identify itself as 38 and it’s letting me know, ‘Boo, you 38.'”

7) During her pregnancy with baby Logan, Tamar was honest about her expectations for her new baby.

“Dear heavenly Father, please let me have a cute baby, please don’t let his nose be all over his face and let him be yummy-ummy-ummy so we can get along.”

6) Once again, Tamar learns a valuable lesson about twerking.

“What happened is I blew my knees out because I was learning how to twerk with 20 year olds.”

5) Preaching her mantra straight from the Church of Bey, Tamar gets the motivation she needs.

“There are only 24 hours in a day. However, it’s the same 24 hours that Beyoncé has and if she can do it, I can do it.”

4) And ladies, don’t be counting on your daughters to land Logan Herbert. Because when it comes to Logan dating, Tamar is already throwing shade at his future girlfriends.

“I ain’t got time to be beatin’ on little girls’ asses.”

3) Tamar is not shy about eating, from chicken fingers to Shake Shack, this girl needs FOOD!

“Child! My appetite is precious, I’m hungry all the time and I just want to steal a bucket of chicken every time I go out.”

2) Nothing wrong with recognizing your worth.

“My clothes is on point, my hair’s on point, this face is always beat honey, this body is snatched, it looks like I just drink champagne and french fries all day.”

1) WE know Tamar’s schedule stays booked to capacity, so it’s no wonder this working girl stays tired too.

“Child, I’m tired-er than a hooker on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Over the past four seasons, WE’ve learned not to mess with Tamar because she is the official queen of shade! To see more of her epic one-liners, tune in to Tamar & Vince THURSDAYS at 9|8c!