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WE Tells All: Tamar and Vince, Gaga for Gaga

The Herbert’s head out for date night and with Vince’s health back on track our mega mogul decides to indulge a bit with a margarita.  T&VQuote: “I think somebody in purple ordered one, and his name ain’t Barney.”  Tamar and Vince will be heading to D.C. to sing the National Anthem at the Morehouse vs. Howard football game.  Clearly, this confirms that Tamar is talented because T&VQuote: “nobody wants nobody up there sounded like Roseanne Barr.  Nobody got time for that.” But that shiz is nerve-wracking!  It has been a looooooong time since Tamar has performed on her own, and this is the National Anthem… you can’t mess it up! And of course after D.C., the couple needs to jet off to jolly ol’ London to see Gaga… OMG!  WE love Mother Monster… paws up!  But, this is Vince’s first big trip since he was hospitalized last year so he will need to make sure he stays active during the flight.

The couple makes their first stop in the Nation’s capital or Tamar to perform at the Howard/Morehouse game.  T&VQuote: “It’s such a whirlwind, but I love it.”  But of course nothing can go smoothly for Tamar, and her earpiece keeps giving her issues during sound check right before the big game!  Thankfully, Tamar has her wonderful husband-ger, Vince to take care of all this tech stuff while she gets ready.  And boy, does it pay off!  This definitely proves that Tamar can SANG, honey!  T&VQuote: “Me and Mariah are bosom buddies.”

Once Tamar and Vince land in London town, it is time for dinner, flashing lights, and some paparazzi.  Tamar is so proud that Vince was brave enough to make this long journey, and it is truly a testament of how eager he is to get back to normal.  However, Vince remembers a very different Tamar who made quite a few comments about the new lifestyle post-hospital.  Apparently, there were a lot of “we can’t” comments once Vince was on the mend; Tamar seems to remember Vince just having a few issues following the bouncing ball on the “Tamar & Vince Sing-A-Long” DVD.  Luckily, this ends with a toast and an almost juicy kiss instead of Vince walking out!

Having just visited London in April, WE give Vince props for the little sunset drive he takes Tay Tay on; Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The London Eye et al are breathtaking at any time of day!  And Martin is speaking the… the views from the London Eye are amazing (especially at night)!  However, Tamar may disagree with us due to a serious fear of heights.  T&VQuote: “She is definitely afraid of heights, but she’ll do it because her man is excited about it. So I figured let’s go make some memories.”  While on the 45 minute ride, Vince gets a phone call about one of his friends, and it seems really serious.  With Tamar not knowing what to do, and Vince not wanting to talk about the situation on camera the two quickly get into a huge argument.  T&VQuote: “This is not how you treat a lady.”  There is clearly a disconnect between the way Vince is feeling and the way Tamar is handling the situation.  Without knowing the full story, it is hard for Tamar to find the right way to ask questions or console Vince.  It’s a lose lose.

Oh, and poor Martin!  The British are reserved people and there’s Tamar chatting his ear off about her argument with Vince.  The poor guy desperately tries to change the subject to something women can always talk about no matter how mad they are… shopping!  Unfortunately, that doesn’t even work.  Tamar claims she will be heading home in the morning, and it will probably take Vince that long to walk from the London Eye back to the hotel since Tamar left him in the dust.

Luckily cooler heads prevailed and Vince and Tamar decide to go for an afternoon drink to discuss what happened the night before.  T&VQuote: “The most important thing is to apologize and acknowledge the situation so it don’t happen again.”  Tamar is appreciative of Vince’s apology, but realizes they still have a long way to go before they can communicate properly.  Despite feeling like a kid watching their parents makeup out, it is really… sweet… that Vince serenades Tamar as she tantalizes him with a little impromptu dance.  T&VQuote: “Let me rock you in the cradle of my arms.”

Martin’s driving skills come in handy when Tamar and Vince rush to get to Gaga’s show in time to see her before she hits the stage, but Vince’s health starts to become a concern when he starts to feel some discomfort.  However, Vince knows his limits better than anyone so Tamar decides to trust his decision to decline medical attention.  Thankfully, Tamar and Vince make it to the concert just in time to see Lady Gaga take the stage.  T&VQuote: “Gaga’s show is probably the most incredible show I have ever been to to date.  It’s a huge reminder of how hard he works, and I see his gratification all over his face.  So, it’s worth it to me.”  This night is a perfect reminder of how Tamar and Vince used to be before he got sick, and what they need to work to restore.

Backstage is like a family reunion as Tamar and Vince run into Gaga’s entourage, including her costume designer, Perry Meek.  T&VQuote: “He’s my poppin’ partner.”  Vince is on a special mission to see his #1 VIP artist, Lady Gaga and finally finds her backstage.  WE just love her, and love the adoration Vince has for her and her for him.  T&VQuote: “The Gaga concert was the perfect was the perfect way to end our trip to London.  We are back on lover’s lane.” Even if Vince can’t say “suga, suga” the way he’s supposed to…

Tamar and Vince touch down on the runway and hit up another therapy session with Sevin.  Stevin has a great memory, and brings up a few hot topics the couple has touched upon in past sessions including how Tamar feels Vince speaks to her.  Tamar feels when Vince threatens to shut down, she feels disrespected and disregarded.  T&VQuote: “The misunderstanding is still there.”  It’s clear Vince does not agree with anything Sevin is saying, so he picks up and leaves.  Poof, gone!  It is up to a poor camera man to get Vince to come back in the room, but even then he is pissed off and annoyed.  It is clear he does not want to listen to anything Sevin has to say today.  T&VQuote: “That’s your assumption.  That’s your opinion.”

Will Michael Braxton talk some sense into this couple?  Will Tamar’s album ever drop?  Will Tamar slay that runway?  WE want to know what you think!