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WE Tells All: Are You Ready For Tamar?

Tamar is auditioning dancers for her showcase with LaShawn, Terrell and Nina, but she may be one judge short once those men start taking to “dance and prance.”  T&VQuote: “I’m not saying you look at the thrust, but…”  T&VQuote: “I’m not sitting there to watch men dance and prance all over the place while Tamar and Terrell are getting their kicks off.”  But, if WE had our way WE would give Nina the dancing spotlight.  She is INSANE!!  Now, upon Tamar’s request for topless auditions LaShawn assumes the role of “thrusting police” and tries to get Tamar to turn her chair around.  Looks like you should be the one having several seats!  However, Vince thinks Tamar’s request is unprofessional and rude… WE think he’s masking some jealous feelings.  As the four deliberate on muscles verses slenderness, Terrell wants Tamar to get up there to see what she looks like with these dance hopefuls.  T&VQuote: “Not in these ‘Rhythm Nation’ 1914 boots.”  Tamar agrees that everyone is right, and Daniel and Brandon are the best choice for the showcase… then she and LaShawn leave quickly before they are forced to fire anyone.

Tamar and Vince decide to take a small break from the showcase pressure and head to Vegas for the night.  LaShawn and April accompany the couple on their trip, and discuss all the progress each couple has made with therapy and some good, old fashion openness.  T&VQuote: “It always gets a little crazy before it gets better.  We are knocking on better’s door.”  Vince has a big surprise planned for everyone, but WE have a feeling Tamar will be the one that is really surprised.

T&VQuote: “Oh my God.  We at the church.  This is my surprise?  That ain’t no surprise.  I go to church all the time.”  But this church is a little different… they only specialize in the renewal of vows and the frequent quickie nuptials.  And in true Vegas fashion, they will be married by Elvis.  This wedding is positively cute and HAMtastic all at the same time between April’s walk down the aisle, LaShawn’s sing-a-long to “Amazing Grace” with Elvis, and of course, Tamar.  T&VQuote: “Only in Vegas would I be getting marries in a see through leopard dress by somebody who spends more time on their wig than I do.”  It is super sweet that Vince put this all together, but that all goes to the side as Tamar serenades Vince her vows.  LaShawn can’t even keep a straight face!

Now that Tamar is back from Vegas, it is time to get to work on this showcase!  First stop is the studio to practice her performance with Nina and the dancers.  T&VQuote: “So I’m slightly concerned watching my sister, Tamar do these dance moves.  I know she can smash down on them, But she’s reserved today.”  Tamar is clearly lost, and she will need another rehearsal to get this down.  T&VQuote:”When I think about the dance moves I forget the words, and this is starting to really affect my performance.”

Tamar and Vince sit down to chat about the showcase, and how confident he is in Tamar’s performance.  T&VQuote: “You weren’t ready, but you’re ready now.”  Tamar is confident in herself, and wishes Vince would believe in her too.  She knows the songs, she knows the dances now, and she is reds to go.  T&VQuote: “Come on, Miracle.  Let’s rock it!”

Tamar and crew have finally arrived at the showcase, and things are semi-bumpy between Tamar getting hung up on a chair while she is doing her sound check.  T&VQuote: “That old, ugly ass chair was here last night during rehearsal.  I hated it then, and I hate it even more right now.”  Tamar goes off on everyone in the room, and with an hour and a half to go until show time, they need to get this resolved quickly.  Thankfully, Vince is there to calm her down… unfortunately, she does not want to be calmed.  Luckily, LaShawn is there to help out, Cartier, manicured hands, and all.

Toni has come to give support and help to Tamar.  Even if that means giving up her panties to help fix Tamar’s wardrobe malfunction.  T&VQuote: “This wardrobe malfunction is the last thing I need in my life right now.”  Tamar is running about 2 hours late, and is concerned about what people will think, and if they will get tired of waiting and leave.  Luckily, Tamar’s stylist fixes the issue and she is ready to go on stage.  T&VQuote: “I’m just ready to do my thing, and go lay my ass down.”

Tamar takes the stage, and from the moment she opens her mouth to sing “Love and War” you know this is going to be an amazing showcase.  Right after love and war, Tamar switches to another one of our favorites, “Hot Sugar” and the crowd instantly goes crazy.  The dance moves are crazy, Tamar’s vocals are off the hook, and she simply kills it!  T&VQuote: “I mean, she did that!  I did my thing.  I am very happy for myself.” Tamar has definitely proved her haters wrong, and this is only the beginning.

… stay tuned, Tamartians!