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WE Tells All: Tamar & Vince, Meet the Herberts

Tamar and Vince have finally moved into their new L.A. pad, so what better way to celebrate then to invite over the Daniels family.  T&VQuote: “That’s amazing.  That looks like Jerusalem out there.”  However, the grand tour is slightly interrupted once they get to the kitchen, where Tamar and Vince start to argue about who was the first to cook what where.  T&VQuote: “We have been married for 3 years, been together for eight years, we ain’t never had bologna in the house.”  One would wonder if this conversation is really about bologna or some deep rooted issue… but WE really think it is just about bologna!  T&VQuote: “Tamar you don’t even cook and you get mad that I want a chef.”  The next stop on the tour is luckily the theater puppet room, and not the fridge to check if there is indeed bologna in there.  At the crowd’s request, Tamar gets up on stage.  T&VQuote: “This one right here I wrote especially for the overweight lover in the house.”  And with the chorus of “Get Your Life” echoing through the room, Vince takes a much needed break from Tamar and the tour.

And what is a new house without a dinner party for all your closest and dearest friends?  We have Tisha Campbell-Martin, Duane Martin, Gwen and Kenny Smith, Brian and Lisa Kelly, and of course Mary J. Blige!  Sounds like one of our parties J.  Tamar and Vince share the many stories of their eight year relationship, including the time Tamar baked him a birthday cake and he took it home to share with his girlfriend.  He tried it!  Vince, no girl just makes you a birthday cake to take home to your girlfriend; she makes you a birthday cake so you can go home and dump your girlfriend because you realized you would rather be with the girl that actually makes you a cake!   Each couple gives Tamar and Vince some advice for a successful marriage, but things seem to get complicated when you are married to your manager.  T&VQuote: “I think the number one challenge of being married to my husband-ger is that he feels like I don’t know when to cut off work and husband time.”  Kendu Isaacs talks about how the key to making a husband-ger relationship work is being humble.  But then that means Tamar would have to admit she’s a diva… not gonna happen!  T&VQuote: “If you love each other, that’s what shows up.  If you don’t, that’s what shows up.”  Well said, Mary J.!

Tamar heads to the studio to start recording her new album with LaShawn.  T&VQuote: “Right now, my number one priority is for me to get my future platinum hits recorded and out to the Tamartians because it is taking far too long for this album to drop.”  Tamar is all about business, which is why she is putting the baby making on hold so she can fully concentrate.  It’s obvious that Tamar is a perfectionist, but it seems to be getting on LaShawn’s nerves.  WE don’t know whether standing up or sitting down helps anyone’s pitch be up to par, but each of them feel very strongly about their opposing opinions.  T&VQuote: “I’ll be a good girl and I’ll give him some half assed vocals if that’s what the hell he wants.”  LaShawn is incredibly excited with what sounds come out of Tamar’s mouth once she starts to sing, but never to be proven wrong, Tamar insists she is “flat as hell”.  T&VQuote: “Have several.”  And just as it’s starting to flow, Vince walks in.  And boy, is Tamar excited to see him… which is made obvious by her smacking and slurping into the mic.  But that excitement quickly dwindles when Vince hops on the couch and dials his phone.  T&VQuote: “You need to be involved.  That’s how I feel about it.”  When asked for his opinion during the playback, Vince tells Tamar to just focus on what she is doing and leave him out of it.  WE know you’re a busy man, Vince but this is your wife… you can at least give some feedback.

After Vince ignored Tamar at the studio, the two of them go out for lunch to talk about the album.  T&VQuote: “What are the benefits of being married to Vincent V. Herbert if I can’t get the five star treatment?”  Vince assures Tamar that she will have a single out in a couple months, but when Tamar starts joking about making a couple mill for her would be baby daddy, things get awkward.  Clearly, Vince doesn’t want to joke about having a baby with Tamar, and thinks she should be more serious about the whole process.  T&VQuote: “Talking about it is a lot for me because it’s something I care about, but it’s not the time for it now.”  Vince is an expert when it comes to launching big careers (hello, Lady Gaga!) so the sound advice he gives Tamar is really coming from a loving place.  Tamar needs to try a bunch of things until she achieves the right sound for her.  As much as she doesn’t want to wait, patience is key right now.  T&VQuote: “It’s like I’m a brand new artist all over again.”  Unluckily for Vince, Tamar brings up the idea of hiring a drag version of herself to be her assistant.  T&VQuote: “It will be too much to have two Tamars in the house. I don’t think me and Miracle will be able to survive that.”  Fast forward to the interviews…

Tamar rips through the candidates like Goldie Locks; this one is too little, this one likes dogs too much, this one is too heavy metal, this one is just right! With that, Tamar’s possible assistant, Daniel escorts her on a shopping spree.  Lucky for Daniel, Tamar is not in the mood to try on or look for any items, so she leaves that up to Daniel.  T&VQuote: “If Daniel has any psychic abilities they must be getting warmed up because this hear is not gonna wear.”  Daniel squeezes himself into a pretty pink dress and a high waisted belt so Tay Tay can get a feel for her new outfit.  Tamar is feeling the outfit, but not feeling Daniel.  T&VQuote: “He’s just a little too much for my taste.  I did more work than he did trying to get him to put the damn dresses on.  This is not gonna work out for me.”

Here we go again… Vince joins Tamar in the studio while she works with Harvey Mason, Jr.  Hopefully, they will have a smash record for Tamar.  His client list consists of Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton.  Tamar and Vince settle in to listen to what Harvey has been working on, and Tamar is hoping for some hood rat ratchetness material.  After hearing the track Harvey has prepared, Tamar heads into the booth to make it sing.  After laying down some verses, Tamar decides to Tamar-ify it a bit but starts to question herself when Vince says it sounds “cool”.  T&VQuote: “Why can’t he ever get excited like I’m excited.”  Vince doesn’t want to step on Harvey’s toes and give Tamar advice.  He is there to be a supportive husband, and supportive husbands don’t give the type of critiques Tamar is looking for.  T&VQuote: “You said you wanted Harvey to produce your record.  You didn’t say nothing about Vincent Herbert producing your record.”  This conversation quickly escalates into an argument, and ends with Vince leaving.

Thankfully, this couple has friends like LaShawn and April to bring things into the perspective.  LaShawn hears both sides of the argument, allowing both Tamar and Vince to speak their peace.  After listening, April and LaShawn see many similarities between Tamar and Vince and themselves as a couple after three years of marriage.  With that experience, LaShawn is able to communicate Vince’s views to Tamar without her getting defensive.  It seems like Tamar is a bit insecure in the studio, and having Vince’s positive input is really important.

Will Tamar and Vince ever work peacefully together?  Does Miracle really run the house?  What are you excited to see in season 1?  WE want to hear from you!