LeShawn and April Daniels

About LeShawn and April Daniels

LeShawn is an American songwriter and has written hit songs for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez. April is a hair stylist and clothing designer. They have two boys, Omar, 16, and Jet, 6.

LeShawn and April are the Fred & Ethel of Tamar & Vince.  LeShawn is always cracking jokes and one-liners and loves to hold court with his stories and speeches. LeShawn will be producing a lot of the songs for Tamar’s solo album, and they naturally enjoy giving each other a hard time while working together.

April is Tamar’s confidante – someone Tamar can talk to about personal issues she’s working out with Vince and her family. April and Tamar will constantly bond over the ridiculousness of their husbands and even scheme against them when the men are being “unreasonable.”

LeShawn and April, as well as other friends, represent another kind of social life for Tamar & Vince other than family.