Tamar Braxton

About Tamar Braxton

Rising musical superstar and wife of powerful music-mogul Vince Herbert. The youngest of the Braxton sisters, Tamar is not only strikingly beautiful and talented, but she’s comically brazen and thrives on being in the spotlight.  After deciding she no longer wanted to play backup to her older sister Toni, Tamar has been pursuing her dream of becoming a world-famous solo artist and performer.  However, after recent serious threats to her husband’s health, Tamar has strongly considered getting pregnant and starting a family. Now Tamar is extremely torn between her biological ticking clock and her desire to become a star while she’s still young, carefree and marketable.

Tamar is extremely ambitious, determined and stubborn, but she also can’t seem to figure out exactly what she wants. Devoted wife, budding superstar, life in the fast lane among the music industry elite, luxury lifestyle, happy family, potential mother – Tamar wants to be all and have it all.  Or does she?