Vince Herbert

About Vince Herbert

Tamar’s husband and manager. Vince is the owner of Streamline Records and also manages other musical artists including his most famous client, Lady Gaga.  Vince ultimately holds the keys to Tamar launching her solo career and fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a major musical superstar.  However, Vince passionately wants to start his family with Tamar now. Vince strongly believes that Tamar can be both a successful performer and a mother, but can he convince Tamar that it’s worth taking the risk?

Vince is typically the “straight guy” to Tamar’s big personality. He struggles to humor her extreme moods, colorful opinions and  wisecracks, while she constantly pushes his buttons by just being herself. As their everyday challenges grow and get more complicated, Vince’s calm and collected demeanor will increasingly be put to the test.