Tamar & Vince

Tamar & Vince
premieres thurs dec 10 9/8C

Season 1, Episode 5

“Clash of the Herberts”


Tamar and Vince’s Hawaiian trip ends with their marriage in jeopardy. They return to LA for an emergency counseling session. Tamar insists their dog Miracle get training and then clashes with her stylist at a fashion photo shoot.

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The day we shot Vince playing LaShawn playing each other in one on one basketball was utterly hysterical. LaShawn official destroyed any cultural stereotypes when it comes to basketball. He shot at least ten air-balls in a row, and was constantly traveling with no concept of what, “double -dribble” means. Vince on the other hand, despite the fact that he is still recovering, killed it. He beat LaShawn twenty one to nothing. He would drive around LaShawn for a lay-up like three times in a row, and then step back a drain a few jumpers. It was just hilarious. After we wrapped the crew joined in for a game of three on three in which Vince was the clear MVP of the winning team.

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