Tamar & Vince

Tamar & Vince
premieres thurs dec 10 9/8C

Season 1, Episode 1

“Meet the Herberts”


Tamar and Vince settle into a new house and Tamar builds her solo career, while Vince manages his business and artists. Vince checks on Tamar’s progress in the recording studio, but Tamar pushes him hard to be more involved.

Finally getting to see Tamar and LaShawn and work in the studio together was hilarious and amazing. It’s like they have a language where they can communicate without words. LaShawn refers to Tamar as “Marty-Tang”, or “Big Pimpin” ! When ever she sing a usable track he would act like they just won the lottery. His energy was just blowing up the place. You could tell, in situations where she would normally get annoyed, she would just laugh now. It is interesting to see not only the process of putting a record together, but how LaShawn’s energy and love for music, really made it happen!

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