Tamar & Vince

Tamar & Vince
premieres thurs dec 10 9/8C

Season 1, Episode 3

“Nurse Ratchet”


Vince has another health scare, and Tamar puts recording on pause. Soon Vince is on a health kick and starts planning a vacation. But the health of their marriage is also at risk, as tension builds and tempers flare. 

Seeing mindless behavior, in the studio, working on their, dances and music was one of the best moments working on the show. It made me look at new music that is coming out in a completely different way. I couldn’t believe how talented and mature they were for their age. The dance moves they were doing was like something out of the Matrix, and the music was crazy. Not only that, but they are all straight A students and have a maturity well beyond their years. You can tell that they really respect Vince, and he is a big reason for why they are such upstanding kids.

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