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Clash of the Herberts

Season 1, Episode 5
Aired 10.18.12

Tamar and Vince’s Hawaiian trip ends with their marriage in jeopardy. They return to LA for an emergency counseling session. Tamar insists their dog Miracle get training and then clashes with her stylist at a fashion photo shoot. See the Tamar & Miracle Tweet War! Show Full Recap

Tamar and Vince’s fight rages on in Hawaii, with Vince holding onto a grudge about Tamar leaving him in the hospital and Tamar feeling underappreciated as a wife. Tempers flare even more after Vince overhears Tamar calling him jealous. Vince suggests their marriage isn’t working and storms off, leaving Tamar in tears. The couple returns home and immediately goes to couples’ therapy, bringing friends LaShawn and April for support. Tamar says she and Vince have been arguing more than ever and accuses him of “checking out” in the session. As a peace offering, Tamar gives Vince a heartfelt apology for leaving him in the hospital, but Vince isn’t easily moved. The session ends with both agreeing to work on their communication, and Tamar says she’ll try not to “go off” so much to help her marriage. Back at home, Tamar tells Vince that his dog Miracle is out of control and needs to go back to obedience training. Next, LaShawn and Vince challenge each other to a game of one-on-one basketball and bet that if Vince wins he doesn’t have to go back to counseling. Vince makes basket after basket; meanwhile LaShawn struggles not to fall on the floor. Vince says if LaShawn makes one basket he can win the bet and Vince will go back to therapy. With Tamar and Vince’s marriage on the line, LaShawn miraculously makes his last shot. After Tamar and Vince drop off Miracle at a fancy dog hotel for training, Tamar preps for a fashion magazine shoot and isn’t happy with the clothes or the stylist’s attitude. The stylist tells Vince he doesn’t want Tamar Braxton to ruin his brand, and Tamar nearly flips out. However, Tamar manages to calm down, and finishes the shoot like a pro. Next, Vince brings Miracle home from training, and Tamar is shocked by the results. In couples’ therapy, therapist Sevin digs deeper and pushes Vince to share his feelings about losing his parents at an early age. Vince admits their deaths still affect him but doesn’t see the connection to his marriage.

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