Sneak Peek

Gaga for Gaga

Season 1, Episode 7
Aired 11.8.12

Tamar performs the National Anthem at a football game, then she and Vince fly to London to see Lady Gaga on tour. When they end up in a huge fight while seeing the sights, they head back to therapy as soon as they return to LA. Show Full Recap

After a positive health report Vince is slowly getting back to work, and his first order of business is to accompany Tamar for her performance of the National Anthem at a major football game in Washington, D.C. Backstage before the game, Tamar struggles repeatedly to hit the high note in the song. When it’s time to perform, however, Tamar struts on the field, faces the crowd and delivers a stellar performance. Then they’re off to London to see Lady Gaga on her worldwide tour. Tamar is excited she and Vince can travel again, but she also wants to make sure he isn’t pushing himself too hard. Vince agrees he doesn’t want the trip to be all work and surprises Tamar with a ride on the giant London Eye Ferris wheel. However, at the beginning of their ride, Vince receives a troubling phone call about a friend. Tamar tries to get Vince to talk about it, but he refuses to discuss it and is no longer in the mood for fun or romance. Tamar feels ignored, and soon the couple is at each other’s throats. By the end of their scenic ride, both go their separate ways and Tamar considers flying home. Later that night, they stand each other up for dinner. But the next day, Vince takes Tamar out for lunch and apologizes for getting so upset. They make up, and then they rush off to the Gaga concert. They make it to the venue just in time and are blown away by the show. Afterwards, Vince goes backstage to congratulate Gaga on a job well done. Still on a high from the magical evening, Tamar and Vince celebrate with some romance back at the hotel. When they return to LA, Tamar sets up an appointment with their marriage counselor. Vince starts the session by saying they’ve improved a lot since their last visit, but Tamar insists Vince still has issues with shutting down. Frustrated, Vince tries to cut the session short by walking out before the session is over. Tamar is convinced that until Vince is open to the therapy process they’ll never make any progress in their marriage.

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