Sneak Peek

Model Wife

Season 1, Episode 8
Aired 11.15.12

Papa Braxton visits and gives marital advice to Tamar and Vince. Friends LaShawn and April reveal they’ve been fighting. Tamar struggles on a new ballad with producer TC, then hits the catwalk for the first time at NY fashion week. Show Full Recap

Tamar’s father, Michael Braxton Sr, arrives for a quick visit with Tamar and Vince. Vince and his father-in-law do some male bonding on the golf course, and Mr. Braxton takes the opportunity to grill Vince about how he’s been treating his baby daughter lately. Meanwhile, Tamar works on a new ballad with friend and producer TC, and old issues come up as they clash over their different vocal styles. Then, for their last brunch with Papa Braxton, Tamar and Vince invite over friends LaShawn and April, who reveal they’ve also been fighting recently. Everyone is shocked as April breaks down in tears over suspicions about women at LaShawn’s work, and Tamar confronts her father about the state of his marriage when he cheated on her mother many years ago. Next, Tamar and Vince rush to NYC for her very first runway booking at Fashion Week. Tamar’s first stop is an emergency visit to the dermatologist, where she receives some shots and undergoes a new blue light treatment so she can be flawless for the runway. Then Tamar and Vince arrive at her dress fitting, where Tamar discovers she’s headlining the show and her dress is so tight she can barely walk or breathe. With orders to continue starving herself, Tamar seeks professional guidance from runway coach extraordinaire Glamo. He teaches her the proper way to walk and serve that runway, but with so many things to remember Tamar only gets more anxious about her catwalk debut. The next day, Tamar arrives at the fashion show, starts to get ready and nervously questions everything about her hair and makeup. Meanwhile, a persistent assistant-wanna-be named Benji repeatedly gets in the way. The pressure mounts, as Tamar is about face the fashion world and all its critics. Finally, Tamar hits the runway and rocks the walk as the crowd goes wild for her. Backstage, Vince showers Tamar with flowers and praise for her amazing job. At dinner on the town with Vince and her glam team, Tamar celebrates her success and finally gets to eat!

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