Sneak Peek

Nurse Ratchet

Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 10.4.12

Vince has another health scare, and Tamar puts recording on pause. Soon Vince is on a health kick and starts planning a vacation. But the health of their marriage is also at risk, as tension builds and tempers flare. Show Full Recap

Vince is back in the hospital with Tamar by his side, but thankfully this time it’s not as serious as it was a year ago. With Vince’s health stabilizing, Tamar goes to the studio to check out LaShawn’s new song “Hot Sugar.” But Tamar can’t concentrate and puts recording on hold to rush back to the hospital. The doctors finally release Vince. However, Tamar refuses to let him bring his “contaminated” flowers home. This quickly erupts into a heated, drawn-out fight. The next morning, Vince heads to the gym with LaShawn to start his new fitness routine. Tamar greets him at home with a healthy breakfast, and they call a truce. In an effort to lighten things up, Tamar drags Vince car shopping. Then Vince and LaShawn go to their first yoga lesson. Tamar and April decide to crash the class and discover their husbands in exposed positions with their yoga instructor. The next day, Tamar meets old friend Tia for lunch, where they recall Tamar’s terrible exes. Tia applauds Tamar for overcoming her past and being a supportive wife to Vince during his health scares. Tamar admits their lives have changed a lot since his illness, but she’s still determined to follow her dream to become a musical superstar. Then Tamar goes with Vince, LaShawn and April to visit boy group Mindless Behavior, which is about to go on tour. They all jam out to “Hot Sugar,” but Tamar gets mad at Vince for playing the demo version without her vocals. To let off some steam, Vince and LaShawn go to the golf range. They decide that a getaway to Hawaii would be good for health and romance. By dinnertime, however, Vince’s stress is back full force, with Tamar and Vince already fighting as they walk into the restaurant. Their spat started in the car over one of Tamar’s instagram posts, but things get even uglier at dinner. Vince walks out completely fed up, leaving Tamar alone at the table and their marriage in serious jeopardy.

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