Sneak Peek

Road to Recovery

Season 1, Episode 6
Aired 11.1.12

Tamar and Vince meet with an interior designer then fly to NYC to check in with his doctors. The stress of Vince’s health leads to another fight. He visits his parents’ graves and admits he’s depressed. In LA, they focus on Tamar’s album. Show Full Recap

Between working on Tamar’s album and Vince’s health issues, their new mansion is still undecorated and furniture-less. They meet with a top interior designer, but satisfying both Tamar and Vince’s specific tastes is a daunting task. The designer agrees to return in a few days with a proposal. Then Tamar and Vince head to NYC for a health checkup with Vince’s medical specialists to make sure his condition is stable. Vince is extremely nervous about the results, but Tamar is right by his side for support and to make sure the female staff doesn’t try anything shady with her man. Vince struggles with the stress test, but he and Tamar are thrilled to find out his test score is still positive. Also, to Tamar’s delight, Vince learns he can now have a drink occasionally, which has been a major point of contention between them. Tamar is eager to celebrate right away at lunch, but Vince is not in the mood for any of Tamar’s romantic advances and suddenly they’re in another blowup fight. The next day Vince visits his parents’ graves in New Jersey, and Tamar stays behind to give him some space. Vince’s time at the cemetery stirs up his emotions, and later he admits to Tamar he’s been depressed. Vince tells Tamar he’s grateful she’s been there for him and she’s still number one in his life. Back in LA, they meet with the interior designer to view his proposal. Both Tamar and Vince quickly realize this designer, who reminds them of the dad from “The Brady Bunch,” is not a match for them. Next, Tamar is back in the studio with LaShawn to work on final tracks for her song “Hot Sugar.” Tamar runs into music producer TC, with whom she’s clashed in the past, and she isn’t thrilled with his critique of her song. After Tamar works on the vocals, Vince shows up and listens to the finished song. He is blown away and declares it Tamar’s first single. Tamar’s shocked and elated that she finally has a new song to release to the world and to all her Tamartian fans.

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