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The Showcase Must Go On!

Season 1, Episode 9
Aired 11.29.12

Tamar prepares for a major Showcase to launch the release of her first Single. Between hardcore workouts, an avant-garde photo shoot, fighting with her vocal coach and searching for the perfect band, Tamar puts it all on the line. Show Full Recap

With Tamar’s album near completion, she and Vince plan a Showcase for her to launch her first Single. The Showcase will be the music industry’s first look at her new album, so everything must be perfect. The first order of business is finding a unique look and style that represents Tamar and establishes her as a trendsetter. So Tamar and Vince plan an avant-garde photo shoot to create unforgettable images to promote the album. Also, to make sure her body is in top shape to perform on stage, Tamar tries Pilates for the first time. By the end, she can barely walk out of the lesson. Next, Tamar calls upon the services of Terrence Lee Jones, the Braxton family vocal coach, to help get her vocals ready for the Showcase. Still having trouble with a high note in one of the ballads, Tamar looks to Terrence for guidance. He challenges her to continue exercising her voice so she can hit each note perfectly every time. Then it’s time for Tamar’s steamy, glamorous photo shoot. Tamar enjoys showing off her sexy pin-up poses, but the shoot gets extremely intense when Tamar, who’s deathly afraid of heights, is asked to pose on a mantle ledge in stilettos above a marble floor. Next, Tamar and Vince meet with their creative team to decide on the perfect band and choreography for the Showcase. Tamar insists she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into a specific musical genre and only wants to work with the best in the business. The next day, Tamar is excited to show LaShawn how she’s been getting her vocals ready with Terrence. However, before they can even start, Tamar and Terrence get into a heated argument over the music and Tamar walks out. Tamar gets a second chance to show off her practiced vocals to Vince and Lashawn when they meet with the band for the Showcase. Everyone gets chills when they see Tamar performing with the band, but Tamar and Vince know they’re just getting started and there’s a lot more to perfect before the Showcase. Will it all finally come together in time?

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