Sneak Peek

Trouble in Paradise

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 10.11.12

After Tamar and Vince work on issues in couples therapy, they go on a lovers’ retreat to Hawaii with LaShawn and April. They happily enjoy the sights and activities, but a major blowup leaves Tamar and Vince’s marriage in turmoil. Show Full Recap

Since Vince’s recent trip to the hospital, the tension between Tamar and Vince is at an all-time high. They go to their first couples’ therapy session, which quickly gets heated, but takes a positive turn when the therapist reminds them why they fell in love. The therapist says they still have more work to do and challenges them to be more sensitive and respectful to each other. The next day they fly to Hawaii for a lovers’ retreat with friends LaShawn and April. After checking into their luxurious hotel and kicking back to plan their itinerary, their first stop is a majestic waterfall. Enthralled with the breathtaking view, Tamar and Vince soon find themselves wrapped in a romantic embrace. Next, they all head for the beach to try out the Hawaiian canoes. LaShawn’s intense fear of the water is heightened when he sees the boat’s only safety feature is an old apple juice container. Fortunately for LaShawn, the boat ride is cut short when Vince claims he has to go to the bathroom. The ladies are disappointed and decide it’s time for cocktails at the bar. Meanwhile, the men pick up a game of beach volleyball, but when Tamar spots Vince giving a blonde player a “thank you” kiss, she fiercely gives him an earful. Vince calls her out for always overreacting, and LaShawn and April quickly step in to calm their fiery tempers. That evening they attend a luau, where LaShawn and Vince shock the ladies by serenading them on stage. Vince proclaims his undying love to Tamar, and her embarrassment melts into sweet love. The next day the group goes snorkeling, but their aquatic adventure turns into chaos when both LaShawn and April are stricken with panic about getting in the water. Later, they have a romantic torch-lit dinner on the beach to celebrate their last night in Hawaii. But a small disagreement between Tamar and Vince brings up old wounds and erupts into full-throated war. Vince storms off with the words, “I’m done,” leaving Tamar in tears and their marriage in turmoil.

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