Sneak Peek

It’s A Herbert!

Season 2, Episode 1
Aired 9.5.13

Tamar, Vince, LaShawn and Terrell go on the road for Tamar’s promotional tour. Tamar stresses out about the baby bump she’s hiding. Show Full Recap

Before Tamar’s “love on top” starts getting noticeable, the couple (accompanied by LaShawn and Terrell) will hit the road to squeeze in a few showcases so everyone can have a sample of what’s to come.Always on the grind, Tamar and Vince stop in New York for a few meetings and to have some dinner with Papa Braxton. While WE are sure Papa B. expected this to be a nice dinner, he is getting bombarded with questions about moving into Casa Herbert just like his ex-wife, Ms. E. Tamar is extremely nervous about performing, and she is under even more pressure because no one has ever heard “The One” before.Vince gives Tamar the ultimate pep talk and makes her realize that her Tamartians are there to support her.

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