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Posh & Pregnant

Season 2, Episode 3
Aired 9.19.13

Tamar & Vince work with designers on their new home; get parenting tips from LaShawn, April, and a birth specialist. Tamar presents at an award show. Show Full Recap

Now that Tamar and Vince have announced their “love on top”, they can start stocking the nursery with all the essentials… like baby clothes! However, it looks like Tamar will need to get Vince enrolled in some Baby 101 classes before she even thinks of anything else; this dude hasn’t even seen the Lion King! Besides not being on the same page with their baby skills, Vince and Tamar also cannot agree on how they should provide for Baby Herbert. Vince feels like he should listen to his father’s advice and provide EVERYTHING he can afford for the baby, but Tamar doesn’t find it necessary to have frivolous things for her child. This power couple soon heads to Baby 101 with Lauren, the same childbirthing educator Mama E. and the sisters took Tay Tay to pre-pregnancy. Vince seems to want to see it all, but Tamar is not down with that birth plan.It’s time for Tamar to put that fabulous taste to good use! Tamar and Vince have hire Jeff Andrews to turn their new home into the perfect combo of masculine and feminine. Between suede velvet and silver leafing, this looks like it’s going to be a pretty pricey project.

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