Sneak Peek

A Ruff Surprise

Season 3, Episode 4

Vince surprises Tamar with a new dog for Logan; she goes ballistic. Tamar works on her talk show “The Real” and meets some fans. Tamar and Vince develop a liquor line; Tamar worries about her mom’s health. Show Full Recap

While juggling a hectic schedule, Tamar worries for her mom Evelyn, who is facing possible surgery. Tamar works on her talk show, “The Real”, and meets some Tamartian fans. Vince promises Tamar a surprise, and secretly plans to get another dog. Vince announces the first single for Tamar’s next album. The couple decides on the final product for Tamar’s liquor line. With LaShawn’s help, Vince reveals his four-legged “surprise” for Tamar, and she goes ballistic.

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