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Crazy for Cabo

Season 3, Episode 3

A couples retreat in Cabo gets explosive when Tamar uses social media against Vince’s wishes. Vince storms off and leaves the villa. LaShawn tells his true feelings about Terrell and his partner’s relationship. Show Full Recap

During a couples retreat in Cabo with LaShawn, April, Terrell and his boyfriend Ben, Tamar and Vince have a major blowup over social media. Vince feels disrespected and storms off. Tamar defends why she posted a picture against Vince’s wishes. LaShawn chases down Vince and convinces him to work it out with Tamar, but there is still tension in the air. At dinner, LaShawn tells his true feelings about Terrell and Ben’s relationship. While jet skiing, Tamar is threatened by something in the water.

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