Sneak Peek

Viva La Video!

Season 3, Episode 5

Tamar and Vince have a standoff over his German Shepherd. Tamar and Vince struggle to shoot the music video for her next single all in one day. Tamar & Vince challenge LaShawn to do stand-up at a comedy club. Show Full Recap

After Vince brings home a surprise German Shepherd, Tamar gives an ultimatum, “It’s her or the dog!” However, the power couple is forced to put their standoff on hold while they to prep to shoot the music video for Tamar’s next single. Tamar takes on a co-director role during the shoot, and struggles to create her ideal video on an ambitious schedule. Tamar and Vince challenge LaShawn to do a stand-up routine at a comedy club, and LaShawn battles stage fright.

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