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It’s A Jungle Out Here

Season 4, Episode 3
Aired 1.7.16

Tamar travels to the Caribbean to shoot a music video, and worries about losing rehearsal time with her new dance partner. Tamar gets advice from Toni about DWTS and a troubling text on Vince’s phone… Show Full Recap

Tamar and Vince travel to the Caribbean to shoot a music video for her song “Angels and Demons.” Tamar’s concerned about being away from Logan, and missing rehearsal time with her new partner for Dancing With The Stars. Tamar braves the jungle to get the shots they need, then rushes back to LA to rehearse with Louis. Tamar feels confident they’ll do well in the competition, but after scoring poorly, she turns to sister Toni for advice, and to discuss a troubling text she saw on Vince’s phone…

Executive Producers

Dan Cutforth

Jane Lipsitz

Executive Producers

Tamar Braxton

Toni Braxton

Vincent Herbert

Troy Carter

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Richard Courtney

Gayle Gawlowski

Co-Executive Producer

Pam Jaffe

Consulting Producer

Michelle Kongkasuwan

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Alan Welch

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Tim Busa

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Dan Murphy

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Anna Davis

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Kathie Burr


Chris King

Caitlin Dixon

Ann Marie Sisco

Ericka Concha

Vince Rocca

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Xavior Salinas

Cameron Jones

Field Producer

Joe Rivera

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Darek Blackwood

Supervising Producer

Shannon Wilson

Story Assistant

Eric Hirsch

Story Producer

David Snyder

Story Producer

Christine McCarthy

Director of Photography

Ryan White

Ryan Rude

Camera Operator

Hugo Orellana

Audio Supervisor

Stephen Ross

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Omar Barraza

Brian Tollefson

Assistant Camera

Chris Olmedo

Eric Senchuk

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Ray Grandclaudon

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Bree Bartlett

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Lilly Schwartz

EVP, Legal Affairs & Chief Legal Counsel

Nicki Jaeger

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Julia Kim

Jonathan Huh

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Carrie Hughes

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Zach Pugh

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DeeDee Kelly

Chris Gees

Dontay Savoy

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Michael Homer

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Aaron Gorney

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Jean Kalanzi

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Rich Rivera

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Cujo Ramsey

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Matt Raffaniello

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Dion Harvey

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Patrick Grandcaluden

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AC Burrell

G’Hara “PK” Deggedingseze

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Roger LA

For WE tv

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Lauren P. Gellert

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Annabelle McDonald

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Sara Dollar

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Benrus D. Madlangbayan

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Theresa Patiri

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