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Want a look at their private photo albums? Plus, our moms share some tips or tricks they’ve learned that make life a little easier.

Which Multi Mama Are You?


Are you the laid back cool mom or the super organized class mom?

Ready to Be a Mom?


Find out how motherly you are in this all-new moms quiz.

Win Over Your MIL

Stephanie admits that both her and her husband were terrified of adding twins to their family but says that everything has worked out for the best.

Do you have a “monster-in-law” like Stephanie? Learn how to avoid the fireworks.

Rekindle the Romance

Casey and her hubby enjoy some well-deserved free time in the hot tub.

Do YOU schedule alone time with your hubby? Casey does — starting with some well-deserved time in the hot tub.

Celebrity Mamas Trivia

Celeb mamas trivia

Did you know Heidi Klum has four children? Remember when a pregnant Demi Moore posed naked for the Vanity Fair cover?

Are You a Demanding Mom?


Do you expect excellence or demand it? The nurturing parent or a disciplinarian?

How Many is Too Many?


Ready for a BIG Brood? Or should you stick to one or two?

Stress Less

Stress of Being a Supermom

Overworked? Overtired? Pushed over your limit? You sound a lot like our Texas Moms.

Go Forth & Multiply

This mom of triplets was an only child growing up and knew she wanted multiple children. She just wasn't planning on having them all at the same time!

This mom of triplets always knew she wanted a big brood… she just wasn’t planning having them all at the same time.