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Suz on Episode 7: Who Doesn’t Like Wine?

I was really looking forward to the Wine Tour…until ‘life happened.’ Joe and I had been up ’til 3am with friends, painting our kids’ new rooms. I was sore, tired, and sick of filming for the show by this point…not to mention the fact that a little birdie had told me there was going to be ‘fireworks’ (aka, girl drama) on the wine tour the following day. NO THANKS. So, yes, apparently I appear less than thrilled to be there…but it had NOTHING to do with any personal issues remaining with Candace, Tonia, or myself. I was just freaking exhausted.

Despite what anyone thinks, Casey had taken a child to the EMERGENCY ROOM and was not going to be able to make the wine tour. Case asked me not to share any specific information with C & T (Candace and Tonia) after the whole “Hooters incident,” so I was in a very awkward situation when C & T started asking me a billion questions about Casey’s absence.

I DID want to see Steph’s new twins, but all I could think about was “OMG, Steve and the kids are in the next room!” AWK-WARD! 😉 But they looked great, and Steph’s strip show was a much-needed tension breaker (or builder, depending on how you look at it! ha)

I am almost in tears when Steph tells us about her marriage problems. I know how hard multiples can be on a marriage and just HATE to hear whenever ANY of my friends are struggling. So bummed for her 🙁

The wine tour went from bad to worse when Casey showed up. Poor girl was totally walking into an ambush and it broke my heart to watch how it all went down. In any uncomfortable situation, I LAUGH –  nay, I GIGGLE uncontrollably. I’m pretty sure I just kept looking at Teryn and chuckling at the absurd scene of feuding women in front of us. Once every one settled down, I tried to piece our friendships back together and to get each person to see the other’s point of view. Who knows if it worked or not, I definitely went home with a pounding stress headache!

SHEESH. Difficult episode to re-live.