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Suz on Episode 8: Moving On

Bra shopping with Steph was iiiiiiiiinteresting…especially when I found out that she is a size E! WOWZERS, girlfriend! Stephanie started asking Casey and I about where we stood with Candace and Tonia after the wine tour fiasco and honestly, I just needed a break. I have no hard feelings, just tired of girl drama, ya know? I was nervous when I found out that Steph wanted to have lunch with Candace…that could be bad…that could be reeeeeally bad.

I was SUPER excited to attend Peyton & Sydney’s princess birthday party extravaganza (and I was definitely interested in meeting Tonia’s ex, Rob)! Savannah had a great time and everything looked incredibly beautiful – I would have expected nothing less from Tonia. I’m not gonna lie, it was so neat to see Tonia and Rob interacting together with the girls, as a family. It made my heart hurt a little. I hope Tonia can find happiness again soon. She deserves it.

Marriage is HARD, y’all. You don’t stay in a marriage because it’s easy, you stay in a marriage because it’s WORTH it. I am super bummed to find out that Steph and Jerald have officially called it quits. Breaks my heart…especially for their little girls.

I loved the family BBQ and watching all of our kids play with each other. Despite our differences, despite all of the mama drama that we have endured, at the end of the day –  we are all still friends, and a strong support group for each other. Through the good times and bad, happy or sad…(yes, I’m about to break into song & dance over here)…that’s as real as it gets, folks!

Hope you enjoyed watching Texas Multi Mamas! Please contact WE through their website and let them know you would like a season 2!

Otherwise, blessings to you and yours. Thanks for following our journey – it has meant the world to us.