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Teryn on Episode 7: Who Doesn’t Like Wine?

Who doesn’t like wine?  I like it, as long as it’s just wine.  But in the case of our “wine tour moms night out” it was anything but “just wine.”  I was really looking forward to the Grapevine Wine Tour with the girls.  I had never been on it and heard it was a lot of fun.  Plus, I had been recuperating from my tummy tuck two weeks earlier and this was my first time to actually get out and have some fun.  I was bummed however, because Casey had to back out at the last minute because one of her kids was sick.  Casey is my closest friend in the group, with Suz next. So, without her with me, I felt like I was missing something. I had heard all about the drama at the sushi night and knew things were going to be a tad uncomfortable.  Um, yea, I walked into Candace’s house and things were tense. But if I thought that was tense, I was in for it later.  So, we decided to sit and chat, waiting for the bus to pick us up and we started talking about Stephanie’s boob job.  She’s telling us about the pain and issues she’s having and before I know it, she has WHIPPED them out.  Right there, in front of all of us.  That wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that we had an entire camera crew in the room with us – oh and did I mention that Candace’s husband and kids were in the other room?  I was in shock.  Then she was messing with them, showing us and I was just thinking “okay, OUCH”. It was pretty funny, she must have shocked the heck out of the producer because all of a sudden, another camera guy comes RUNNING in to get the footage from every angle.  Yes, I’m the most conservative in the group, so my shock was probably the most intense.  It’s been 9+ months since we filmed this so the shock has worn off, but OMG. Really?! This scene is one of the reasons why my kids can’t watch without me previewing it first!

We get on the bus and I really have nothing much to talk about so I whip out my phone.  I didn’t really care that we were filming, it was my real life and that’s how I roll.  For the record, I wasn’t texting Suz talking about Candace.  I’ve said it before – not everything revolves around her! 🙂 I was texting Casey asking her how the kiddo was and then trying desperately to convince her to meet us. I could tell I was making headway when she asked what everyone was wearing. Score!  Oh yea, and I was checking my work emails because I actually have a J.O.B. My life is not conducive to checking email at leisure so when I have a chance, I GO FOR IT! Sorry to all those who think it’s rude.

Fast forward to our dinner and it is by far the most uncomfortable dinner I’ve been to.  Issues were coming from no where and I’m like “what the heck just happened”? How in the world can this much drama happen at one dinner?  Candace is mad that no one is having fun (which I was, up until then), Tonia’s mad at Stephanie, Casey’s still mad at Candace and Tonia (oh yes, so thankful that Casey showed up!), and Suz and I are just sitting there looking at each other going WTFreak? Can I mention that I have zero patience for people who look for drama? I seriously think some people thrive on it and I may have said that once or twice.  For the record, anytime I was around Stephanie, it truly felt like there was nothing pleasant to talk about. I felt like she was embellishing for the cameras, and that, along with some issues that arose when the cameras weren’t around, put a very bad taste in my mouth.  For the record, things change, and never say never. I am friends with Stephanie and I think I’ve proven that to her – off camera. (Yes, Steph?)

Oh, and our dinner at Christina’s was not our typical dinner; however, it was yet another reason I thought it would be fun to film. Ryan and I couldn’t finish a sentence that day. I seriously have a crazy life ya’ll! Just watching it makes me tired.