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Teryn on Episode 8: Moving On

Have you ever seen the show “Dallas”? Well, the outside shots of the show were filmed at Southfork Ranch. It’s a big white house on several acres of land. I guess it’s a mansion. Well, Tonia’s twins birthday party was there and I thought “holy moly, this is gonna be good.”  Taylor is a little old for a dress up tea party, but she adores Peyton, Sidney, Cameron, Reid, Savi, Sloane, and Reese so she was excited to go.  However, we had to leave early because Taylor had a volleyball game. We didn’t get to stay long, but I did get to see Tonia and her ex-husband, Rob.  I’m a big supporter of families sticking together, so part of me hoped they would see each other from across the mansion and see their beautiful daughters and leap into each others arms…but this is reality and that did not happen.  But it was a precious party and the kids had fun. 🙂

One of the most fun things I did while filming the show was have dinner with Casey and Suz. It was the most laid back dinner I went to. The three of us are no fuss and all fun when we are together. I am so glad we got to go – it was good food and good fun. I love you girls.

As I write this last blog I’m on a plane after a very long day and thinking over the experience of filming a reality show.  I think it took a lot of guts for all of us to put our lives on camera for the whole world to watch. It was a good experience and I am happy I did it. I formed deeper relationships with each of the girls, some more than others.  As of now, nine months after we wrapped, I can honestly say that I do have a special place in my heart for all five of them – we did something together that very few people get to experience.

Casey – you are my show BFF. We are germaphobes, I more than you probably, yet you got the title. Hehe.

Suz – you are the mothering “expert” on the show. I am inspired by you. Thanks for showing me that life’s stresses can be managed with laughter.

Tonia – I have really enjoyed how close we have become sharing our faith in God. You are on the right path my sweet friend.

Candace – my first friend in PAMOM. Thanks for making me feel a part of the group when I knew no one and thanks for suggesting me for the show 🙂

Stephanie – while our lives are totally different, I do want you to know that I want the best for you and your kids. Things can change us and put life in perspective…my prayers are with you guys, always.

Well everyone… that’s a wrap.