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Tonia on Episode 7: Who Doesn’t Like Wine?

I was excited to go on the wine tour that Candace had planned for us ladies. I felt bad about the whole Hooters issue and I was hoping the wine tour would be a place where we could all have fun and just clear the air. It was an honest mistake bringing it up, and I was over it at this point!  I take FULL responsibility for my actions.

We all met at Candace’s house before the wine tour. I got there first, then Suz showed up and there was immediate tension. She stated she wasn’t feeling good and she’s just exhausted. This isn’t abnormal since we are all mothers of multiples, but Candace and I are skeptical since we just had the fiasco at the Sushi dinner.

When Stephanie arrived at Candace’s house the tension in the house subsided for a few minutes. Thank gosh because we needed something to change the mood. All of a sudden, three seconds later Stephanie’s shirt has come open and the bra is off. WOW….I was shocked. I was sitting right next to her and thinking hmmm…I wonder if they are going to loosen up anytime soon.  I touched one and they were hard as a rock. OUCH. Don’t want to go through a breast surgery anytime soon. They are actually smaller than I thought they were going to be. She wanted really big D’s and turned out smaller. They look fabulous. 🙂

Stephanie told us all on the tour bus that her marriage with Jerald was about to end. I was feeling very bad for Stephanie knowing she’s been divorced before, and I just went through it. It’s painful and I offered advice to her when she pulled me outside to talk. I asked her if they have tried counseling, but she’s not interested in hearing my advice. I am not behind closed doors at her home – she knows what’s best for her and her family. But, I push the counseling issue because I have been in her shoes and you want to try everything you can to save your family. It’s obvious her and Jerald are over. It’s heart breaking and I feel her pain. This is one area Stephanie and I have in common, divorce.

Candace also pulled me outside to talk during the wine dinner. She was so upset, she started to cry trying to figure out why things were still so tense. I told Candace I was trying to figure it out too, but I comfort Candace because I know she has planned this nice wine tour for us, and it’s a disaster. I just wanted the entire dinner to end.  We go back inside and Candace wants to “clear the air.” Casey is still upset about the Hooters thing and we yet again have to hash it out. Candace and I would have been more than happy to talk about the situation prior to the tour but we didn’t hear anything from Casey. Candace even called Casey to check in with her about her son being sick and she got no response. How are we supposed to fix or talk about the situation if you avoid the topic? It may not look like it on the show, but I am a very up front person. So, at the end I tell Casey and the girls we aren’t talking about my EX or Hooters stuff anymore. Done! Move on…