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Finding My Long-Lost Sister

My episode is about the day I found a sister I had never seen. I was not having any success finding her, and the search became more serious when my mom was diagnosed with a serious cancer. So, when we found a very successful people finder, Troy Dunn, we were much more hopeful. Troy told me all of the different outcomes we might have with our search — my sister might be deceased, she might never be found, she might not want to meet us, but we had the best outcome…she had started looking for us!

Jennie couldn’t really look for us while her adopted parents were around without offending them, so I feel better about not having looked for her sooner; it was really the best time, now that her adoptive parents are gone. To see my mom finally get to see her daughter that she hadn’t even seen at birth was wonderful. And every time we visit her I still love seeing my mom and Jennie greet each other with a long hug. My sister and I have so much in common-we both have two sons a few years apart, we married the same type of man–hard workers, good providers with gentle, kind natures. Jennie’s young daughter is the same age as my granddaughter and the two instantly bonded. They now have a new cousin and best friend.

We now have family reunions much more often, always based around visiting with my sister. We went up to her beautiful ranch in northern California one month after we met her and family came from San Diego, Washington and Texas. We also all met up-14 of us–to go camping together at Yosemite, and we have lots more visits planned.

Advise for others afraid to search–no fear! There’s only fear until you search, then all the hope and excitement takes over. I found out that before we searched, my sister and her husband had come down to San Diego for a vacation, not knowing her long lost family lived here. They went to the zoo right near my house, where we had just gone a week earlier. So don’t hold off searching, you might be blessed like us!

– Sandra Ashman