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One Mother’s Hope

One main thing that I always worried and prayed for was a good home for my baby. The first time I saw my daughter Jennie, I knew she was raised in a good family. Her adopted mother loved her, but didn’t want her to find her real mother, so it was best to wait.

My daughter Jennie is a fine and loving woman and she was raised in a loving family. I guess that’s the main thing all mothers worry about, not whether she has lots of money, but a proper upbringing. Maybe that sounds old fashioned, but to have an education, church, learn manners, cleanliness, there’s so many ways a child can turn. You want your child to be special and Jennie is just such a person. Thank you, Troy Dunn, for finding my daughter Jennie, for her family and ours to be one, such blessings!

– Penny Bennett