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Searching for a Loved One

I was in Dallas, Texas when I had Katie, however, I moved to Austin in 1991. I have three daughters who are all full biological sisters. Portia and Alicia both live in Austin with their husbands and children. Katie is now living with me in Austin. The father of all three girls also lives in Austin. I am recently divorced from my husband of almost 20 years. I owned my own business until a year ago and now I spend my days mostly with all the girls and grand-kids.

The only search I did to look for Katie was online adoption sites to see if anyone was looking for me. I had decided long ago not to interrupt Katie’s life because I did not know if she knew she was adopted.

Troy first contacted me via Portia sometime in late May of 2008. Portia and Alicia were then told about having a sister. They both told me that they supported me and that I should do what would make me happy.

By June, Troy and his crew were filming me in my home. Troy and all involved were so kind and professional and just very caring with us that any doubts I may have had in the beginning were put to rest as soon as we all met. We were treated with such respect by all involved that we still feel that we can never say enough or be able to thank everyone at WE tv enough. The biggest change that has occurred is the fact that Katie is now living with me. Having her here with her sisters is something I can’t put into words…it is just beautiful! The girls have bonded and are as close as sisters are. Katie and I feel as if we have been together this whole time. We are not trying to make up for lost time; we are excited about all the wonderful times we are building with all of us as a family.

I would tell anyone considering a search to just do it. You just may find out that the one you are looking for is wanting the same thing, and if they are not and don’t want to be found, then I truly think you can move forward …no matter what happens.

– Kathy Anderson