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Troy Has Completed My Life

Hello everyone, it’s nice to talk to you again. How are things going with all of you? I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you guys have done for us. My dad and sister are now living with us and it is truly a blessing. My dad takes me to all my doctor’s appointments and stays with me the whole time, even to the point he sometimes gets in trouble by the nurses for being in places he’s not suppose to be. But that’s OK; I know he loves me.

My sister Jodi is now playing basketball with my middle daughter Alexis and they are doing well, Alexis won 6th grade homecoming queen and Taylor won 8th grade homecoming queen this month. Taylor, Alexis, Jordan and Jodi are all going to be in a pageant in February. And, oh yeah, Chris was in homecoming, too. He had to walk his girlfriend and he looked very handsome, but he only walked her for the Sunday dress part not for the formal part; the dads did that. David walked Alexis and my dad walked Taylor.

The kids have grown a mile since the last time that everyone has seen them and I have shrank. They say it’s the chemo, but that’s OK, I was short anyway. I’ve also lost a lot of hair and weight, but I don’t care about that either because I’m still here and that’s something they said I couldn’t do. Boy, I sure fooled them, huh?!?

David is very worried because we just got more bad news from the doctor. They told us that I have lumps in the left breast that aren’t too bad but the one’s in the right breast are in the lymph nodes under the arm and on the breast bone so we are waiting to here about that. My spirits are high and my Church is a great support system as well. My children are also wonderful, my husband and dad are great and I’m alive…so what more can a girl ask for but that one little thing.

I hope that Troy and his family and staff are all doing well. Working with everyone was wonderful, and I pray for Troy’s family and his son that is on a mission every night and hope that he stays safe a spreads the words of our heavenly father for everyone to hear. I only pray that he makes it home safe where he belongs to his loving family, who devotes their life to helping others. Troy has blessed my family in more ways than you know. You have made a great impact upon my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you, I love you and you and have completed my life.

Cindy Gilmore & Doug Fairbanks, 12/22/09

Cindy Gilmore with Family