Season 1, Episode 2

“A Mother’s Hope”


Sandra Ashman, 52, is searching for her younger sister, Jennie Lorensen. Sandra only found out that she had had a sister at the age of 25, after reading about it in her mother's diary. Penny Palmer, Sandra and Jennie's mother, gave Jennie up for adoption (but kept Sandra and her two older half-brothers) because she was in an unsteady relationship and could not bear the thought of raising four children on her own. Penny remembers so little from this experience; she has blocked it. Penny now has cancer and has been given only a few months to live. Will Jennie be interested in reuniting with her biological mother, and how will she feel when she learns that she has a sister?

The Searchers: Sandra Ashman - Sandra is confused by her mother's decision to give her one daughter up for adoption, while still raising Sandra and her two older half-brothers. Sandra has four children and four grandchildren.

The Searchees: Jennie Lorensen - Jennie lives in rural Etna, Calif., with her husband and their daughter, where she works at a ministry ranch as an administrative assistant. Jennie found out that she was adopted from one her cousins when she was 5 years old. A couple years ago, Jennie tried to find her birth siblings with no success.

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