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Trina Braxton

Trina on Episode 5: From Russia With Love

GOLLY JEEPERS!!!!! It is soooo hard to believe that we are already on episode 5.  Just give me a second to take this all in… woooo saaaaaaa… OKAY! I’M BACK!!

In this episode, I had to finally address my issues with my marriage by finally getting counseling. It took a lot but I was able to reveal the full reason to why my family is truly concerned about the change in my behavior. Exposing how I really felt and how hurt I was because of my husband’s lying and cheating ways that we call infidelity was revealed. Five of the seven years of my marital life was an unbeknownst farce. This left me turning to food and alcohol for comfort.

After marriage counseling, we were off to MuddaRussia, and Tamar had finally decided to focus on her career and not sing back up for Toni anymore.  The way she went about it was not cool, but in the end, we have to respect her decision.  Tay and Vince battled through out this episode over wardrobe and album content (I found myself scratching my head after each clip… but ummmm) YES!!!!

Now back to Moscow!

So much happened in Russia from losing luggage to me LOVING, the Russian Vodka served with a pickle… can you say YUMMY?  Yes, darlin’s, it was an experience I will always remember.  Toni had an AMAZING show (as always), and after all Towanda went through in Russia, she arrived back to the Atl with even more drama.  It was so frustrating for her to receive the news to vacate her home in 24 hours (which was totally out of her control).

This episode just shows you no matter how big your heart is trouble will always find you. With the morals Mommy instilled in us on Faith, we are putting them in place and holding on tight because with Faith comes Wisdom and we pride ourselves on being strong believers and with determination you will over come all obstacles.

What did you think about the episode? Let me know on my guestbook or follow me on @trinabraxton on twitter.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

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