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9 Questions to Help You Decide Where to Volunteer in 2012

Is volunteering one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Below are nine questions to help you decide how to volunteer this year:

1. What cause(s) are you passionate about?

2. Do you want to create your own project to support your favorite cause, or work with an existing organization?

3. What organizations, or projects related to this cause already exist?

4. Do you want to work internationally, nationally, or locally?

5. Do you want to volunteer for one organization, or more than one?

6. Do you want an ongoing, or one-time volunteer opportunity?

7. Do you want to volunteer in person, or virtually?

8. Do you want to take a volunteer vacation?

9. How much time do you have to volunteer this year?

You can search for volunteer opportunities on, and has tool kits to help you create your own project.