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Donate Your Scrapbook Supplies

Do you have extra scrapbook supplies you’d love to share, but aren’t sure where to donate them?

Below are a few ideas.  Share yours in the comments.

• Simple Scrapbooks’ article, Donate Your Scrap Supplies, has lots of suggestions for where to give, such as to the Make-a-Wish-Foundation.

• The Creating Keepsakes’ blog post, Organization Week: Donate Your Excess Scrapbook Supplies to Charity, also has lots of ideas for places to donate to like to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

• In her post, Where Can You Donate Your Scrapbook Supplies?, Elle of Elle’s Studio writes that she sent her materials to a summer camp that reunites brothers and sisters who were placed in separate foster, or adoptive homes. Do you have a local youth program, or Girl Scout troop in your town that could use supplies?

• You could also list your supplies on Freecycle, an online network that facilitates members’ giving away items they no longer need.