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Ladies’ Home Journal/WE Volunteer Awards 2011 Winners!

Last summer you nominated outstanding women volunteers for a chance to win a Ladies’ Home Journal/WE Volunteer Award. You can learn more about the three inspiring winners below:

Alison Bearman volunteers with the Atlanta Humane Society, one of the largest animal shelters in Atlanta. It handles about 8,000 animals per year, and facilitates 80-120 adoptions per week. When the animals come to the shelter, they’ve been abused and neglected, or haven’t been socialized properly. Alison helps to get the animals ready for adoption. She volunteers six days a week, and is responsible for hundreds of matches between people and pets. Often, when Alison helps people adopt an animal, they’re so inspired by her work that they become volunteers too. You can watch a video about Alison here.

Holly Nill-McKay aka “Mad Scientist McKay” is a parent volunteer of almost 10 years who loves to get students excited about science. Wearing a wig and a “mad scientist” outfit, Holly volunteers twice a week, and works in about five classes a day. In addition to working in the classroom, she also spends a lot of time gathering materials and doing research for her lessons. She has created about 45 lessons on a variety of subjects to share with her students. The young people are so inspired by her classes that many have told her that they would like to become scientists.  You can watch a video about Holly here.

Tessa Wehrman volunteers with Achilles, a nonprofit that enables people with all types of physical disabilities to participate in mainstream sports. Tessa is eyes to someone who is blind, legs to someone who can’t power their own bicycle, and an arm to someone who is walking, but has mobility impairment. When she was diagnosed last year with breast cancer, she continued to volunteer with Achilles. You can watch a video about Tessa here, and read a story about her, Nothing Can Slow Her Down, on