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Signs He's Planning to Pop the Question

10 Signs He’s Planning to Pop the Question

Clearly, I wasn’t expecting to get engaged the night I did. If I had an inkling of a clue, I wouldn’t have worn a sweater vest to work that day (strike 1), or skipped my weekly manicure (strike 2). So, in an attempt to prevent you from making a regretful wardrobe choice and going sans-mani on one of the most photographed days of your life … here are 10 signs that point to a proposal.

10. You notice that those pictures of rings you cut out of magazines and slipped in his briefcase are earmarked.

9. Your friends start acting suspicious. Like clockwork, they call you every Friday night around 7 and say things like, “Sooooooo, anything new?”

8. You notice he’s been doing a lot of “lunges” at the gym. Hmmm… must be building up strength to balance on bended knee as he professes his eternal love to you.

7. One of your rings is missing. Before you chalk it up to theft, assume your man snatched it to take some secret measurements.

6. He panics anytime you go near his underwear drawer or cell phone. (Um, dude, of course we’ll snoop for clues in the two most obvious places).

5. Date nights have dwindled. Fancy dinners have turned into takeout Thai and cheap wine. He’s also suddenly very cost conscious about the electric bill and grocery store price hikes. (Money’s been a little tight since he signed the check for your new bling!)

4. Diamond buying chat rooms are left open on the computer.

3. He made plans for the two of you weeks in advance with some “friends,” and keeps casually trying to verify and discuss the “plans.”

2. His cell phone call log has a few unexplained lengthy chats with your mother.

1. Its’ Friday night. He’s wearing dress pants instead of jeans. He’s profusely sweating and acting weirder than usual. You swear there’s a family that looks just like yours (blocking their faces with menus) in the corner of your favorite restaurant. And there’s a jewelry box shaped bulge protruding from his back pocket. Sherlock Holmes, you don’t need a magnifying glass to realize he’s about to put a ring on it…

Jessica Solloway is a Washington, DC based writer and producer. From wedding planning to work, dating to dieting (and everything in between), she enjoys writing about lifestyle topics women want to know about. Jessica received her degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Check out her blog, The Savvy Mrs.